Getting Dash to work with Xojo

I know it’s a long shot but is there anyone using Dash and has the ‘Search using selected text’ -shortcut working on OS X? (Dash is a free app for easy searching the docs/references)

Dash supports the Xojo Docs but I can only use it by selecting the text in the IDE, then right click -> Services -> Look up in Dash.

Setting a shortcut in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Services -> Look Up in Dash (under ‘searching’) doesn’t seem to work. Is the Xojo IDE blocking this somehow?
The weird thing is, if I set a Global Search -shortcut in the Dash preferences themselves, Dash pops-up just fine. But obviously, I would like it to work with the selected text.

Works fine here. Click on the small icon on the left of the search field in dash. You can set up custom profiles which determine what is searched and when.

Hi Peter,

But that is for setting up the profiles.
What I mean is that when I select some text and then press a shortcut (CTRL+H or something), it automatically opens and searched for the selected text.

You can set it in preferences and it’s called ‘Search using selected text’. I’m trying to find a shortcut that I can configure that isn’t used or blocked by the IDE.

I tried it and have linked the shortcut to cmd + alt + ctrl + F.
At first the shortcut didn’t work in the IDE on the selected text.
After I used the menu choice Xojo --> Services --> Look Up in Dash, the shortcut suddenly worked fine.
And it kept working even after quitting and starting Xojo again.

Hah! That works. Awesome!
Thank you.