Getting code point for a multibyte UTF8 character

There must be an easy way to do this, but it’s eluding me. I want to determine if a UTF8 character is a capital accented letter. I tried this

if asc(s) >= &hC380 and asc(s) <= &hC39D then…

(these are the code points I’m testing against) doesn’t work, because asc() only returns the value of the first byte, and these are multibyte charters. I’ve seen Encodings.UTF8.Chr( code point), but not the opposite – that is, to get the code point of a multibyte UTF8 character. Can someone point me in the right direction?

On my machine, it works ok, as long as the string is in UTF-8. Try doing a ConvertEncoding first.

(By the way, those code points are actually in the Korean syllables block. The codepoints you want are from &hC0 to &hDD. Don’t think about the encoded bytes, think about the U+xxxx value.)

Thank you very much.