Getting bus error with pluginconverter?

I wrote a plugin several years ago and today I dusted it off. I managed to build the .dylib file but now I can’t convert it to a .rbx. When I run the pluginconverter utility it exits with a “bus error 10”. I rebuilt the utility twice and get the same error. It will die like this even when only giving the -? switch for command line help. I am on a macbook pro running 10.10. Has any one else seen this or know what to do?

rbx is gone. We now use zip files.

This is covered in the Plugin Packaging.rtf file in the Plugins SDK that comes with each Xojo release

Thanks Norman, I missed that file. I think it would be a good idea to strip out the rbx generation utilities from the releases since they are no longer to be used.

probably not a bad idea since they aren’t needed