Getting a Window Location?

My boss will not use XOJO and is still using Real Basic 2011 because of 1 thing that XOJO doesn’t have. He uses the location throughout all of the programming to report it to an error log. The easy way for him to do this is to go up in the toolbar and grab the location address and insert it into his method or wherever he is error checking so he can then look at the error log from time to time and see where the errors are happening. Because XOJO does not have a location up in the toolbar, he cannot quickly grab it an insert into his code. Because of this he will not upgrade to XOJO.

Does anybody know if this is a hidden feature in XOJO, or know of any code he can insert to insert the location address of what method or window or property he is currently programming. The address would look something like this:

or this

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Would like convince him to move over to XOJO so we are on the same programming environment. Thanks

It sounds like he wants the CurrentMethodName constant.

Will try that out and see if it works for what he wants. Thank you.

That is exactly what I needed. Thank you very much.

Also, View->Go To Location (Command+Shift+L) displays the Location the same as what was in the RS toolbar.$go-to-location