Getting a mixture of methods: how to refresh

This business of clicking from one method to another (such as, one event handler to another), and getting code from each on the screen, is starting to get on my wick. Is there a button or spot on the screen that is guaranteed to do me a proper refresh of the method I’ve switched to, so I don’t have to click madly until it refreshes itself? Running 2023r2 under Catalina.

i remember the bookmark list if helpful.
or the pragma warning tag source code where you are working on, you can click in this list.

To which bookmark list do you refer?

both lists at the bottom of the window opens the source code to work on.

Yes, I eventually found the bookmarks and tried it. Makes no difference - switch from one method to another, and end up with a code editor which is a mixture of both.

Restarting the IDE seems to have helped.