GetFontTextEncoding() not working on 64 bit

This used to work always in 32 bit:

GetFontTextEncoding("Andale Mono")

For other fonts as well. Now, when built for 64 bit, not a single of ALL fonts will return a non-nil value.

The docs do not mention that this isn’t working any more.


And work-around suggestion?

My goal is to detect fonts that are latin/roman scripts. Or, in the end, I need to find mono-spaced fonts (which I currently do by comparing the StringWidth of various chars, and which will crash or become very slow if I include non-roman scripts such as cyrillic and japanese).

this is what I do all the time compare “l” (lowercase L) with “W” (uppercase) and if the are the same width its a mono-space
but never had it be “slow” or crash… regardless of the font involved. Now there are certain fonts I purposely skip as I do not want them involved with a give app.