GetFolderItem weirdness and delay?

Our application saves the folder setting for a file in a table. When the user attempts to process this file, it first checks to see if the folder and file exists using the following code. The folder is stored in a separate field from the filename:

f_folder = GetFolderItem(rsCONSOL_DETAIL.Field(“FOLDER”).StringValue,3)

The contents of the folder in the table is: F:\QTB\DATA\

If you are connected to a network or even not connected to a network, this command line will execute very quickly.

If you are only connected to wireless internet connection, there is a 30-40 second delay for this line to execute. The variable f_folder will contain the correct folder in it, but since it is NOT NIL it tries to resolve it (I guess using the internet somehow) and it takes that long for it to process the the GetFolderitem. Anyone know of a way to eliminate this delay???

I should have added, that this has only been observed on Windows 10.