GetFolderItem/SpecialFolder.Etc always point to /usr/lib

If I try this:

dim f as FolderItem
dim ff as FolderItem
ff = SpecialFolder.Etc
f = ff.Child(“os-release”)
if f.exists = false then
msgbox “f=” + f.NativePath
end if

It shows
f = /usr/lib/os-release

If I change ff to
ff = GetfolderItem("/etc", FolderItem.PathTypeShell)
the output is the same
f = /usr/lib/os-release

I got this wrong path only on “Ubuntu 17.10” and "Elementary OS 0.4). On RedHat 7.4 it works correct.

Tested with Xojo 2017 R1.1 / R2 / R2.1 with 64 Bit Build application