GetFolderItem("") oddity?

I’ve never tried to manually access components inside one of my apps before, but I’ve run into an issue that is highly unexpected.

Using this code:
f = GetFolderItem("").Child(".install")

Is actually returning “/.marker” instead of “./the app bundle/Content/MacOS/.marker”

I was under the impression that GetFolderItem("") returned the app’s binary’s folder location (i.e. “./the app bundle/Content/MacOS/”).

Xojo bug or my misunderstanding?

You can get the MacOS folder with App.ExecutableFile.Parent.

In 2018r2 and above. doesn’t

SPECIALFOLDER.RESOURCES do the same thing, just cleaner?

I didn’t realize that change was so recent.

For clarity, SpecialFolder.Resources is the Resources directory, which is next to the MacOS directory.