GetFolderItem - controlling the screen where the dialog appears

Is there a way to force a FolderItem method like GetFolderItem to a particular sceen? I have a well-behaved App for handling multiple displays except that the GetFolderItem dialog always appears on Screen(0), even if the App is running on Screen(1).

Which platform?

Windows. Although the App does run on Linux, too, but with a single display, so not an issue there.

Take a look at the more advanced file dialog classes as you can specify a position for the dialog.

Ah, thank you

I tried OpenFileDialog and using the Left and Top properties. These don’t seem to work. In Windows 10 the placement of the OpenFileDialog window is always placed on the Main Screen with no regard for the settings of OpenFileDialog Left and Top. I can’t even use Left and Top to choose the placement on the Main Screen, let alone using them to bring the placement to the second screen.
Anyone have success with positioning with OpenFileDialog?

OK. If I change my main window type from Modeless Dialog to Movable Modal, I can get the OpenFileDialog window to follow the main window. This is really what I want. In this mode, Left and Right also seem to be ignored.

I suggest you log a bug.

I mainly use the file dialog classes from MBS since they provide more flexibility so I just posted what I found in the Xojo docs.