GetfolderITem after downloading a package


I have a strange problem with GetFolderItem. I must access a folder outside the program package. Till macOS 10.11 this works fine. But with later macOS version I get a problem. IT works first fine. But after uploading the program to my server and downloading the path of the program ist wrong. I download it to the download folder. But when I use GetFolderITem ("") to get the path I get a path in the var folder. After copying the package to a new position it heal path and the path from GetFolderITem is the same again. It seems that macOS copies the package to another folder as shown.

Does someone knows this problem - and has an idea how to get the shown path?

Sounds like App Translocation; are you code signing the application and shipping it via either a code signed DMG or code signed PKG file.

If you use .zip; your app has App Translocation applied.

To supplement Sam’s post, in extremely basic terms you can’t use GetFolderItem("") on Mac anymore.

Ok, the app translocation seams the reason. I think the best is to add a dialog, where the user can select the folder.

Thank you very much.