Get the local time from a web app?

Is it possible to have a web app get/record the users local time (i.e. form their browser), as opposed to the current time on the server that the web app is running on?

I want to know what the users time is NOW, so that when they enter the time at which they want to receive a specific email, I can calculate when that email should be sent from the server machine to reach them at the correct time in their timezone.


Dim d As New Date d.GMTOffset = Session.GMTOffset

Thanks Ralph, but as far as I can ascertain at the moment, GMTOffset will return the offset of the current time on the SERVER that the Web App is running on, not the offset of the time as it is currently on the users BROWSER (which may been in a completely different country/timezone to the server machine).

I am happy to admit that I may be missing something here…

Wayne – thanks very much for pointing that out – much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Oy. I never noticed that. Luckily all my Web app clients are California, and so is the server i use. Sorry about that.

Just keep in mind that if the user’s clock is wrong, so is that property.