Get the client IP

I want to know which IP address clients connect from.

I thought that would be relatively simple, but cannot find what to do in the LR.

Will appreciate any help.

Var clientAddress As String = Session.Header("X-Forwarded-For")

Something like that…:wink:

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Superb. Thank you so much, Derk :slight_smile:

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There’s also

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Maybe i’ll put this all in my Xtends modules… i have about 1000 extention methods to all (Xojo Web 2.0 including) types of classes and controls. I’ll put this in the Public domain so overyone can use it…

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Wasn’t that purposely removed in Web 2.0 due to being behind a proxy sometimes?

I don’t have an issue with it behind a properly configured proxy, and no - it’s still there :slight_smile:

Well sometimes loadbalancers dont work as proxies. ofcourse digitalocean does that (i know you use it). But not all so… Well if it’s there, it’s suppose to work…:slight_smile: