get Only image file in directory

Hi , I want to get only name of image file in directory. Which in directory have other file type
How to !! ?
thank you

Set up a FileTypes Set and then use that as the filter for the open dialog. Check out the docs

Thank you Wayne golding
But I use" f=GetFolderItem(“D:\HYPER-DATA\08-2556\19-08-2556\45P-66666”) " not “f = GetOpenFolderItem( jpegType + pngType )”

You might want to look at opendialog

I use function GetFolderItem for Access to Directory and i don’t want OpenDialog then i want file type is image file
in directory

In that case you’ll need to iterate through the folder inspecting each of the files extensions. Something like

For i As Integer = 1 to f.count
  If Not f.item(i).Directory Then ' Ignore sub-folders
    If Right(f.Item(i).Name, 3) = "jpg" Or Right(f.Item(i).Name, 3) = "png" Then
       ' Do something with these files
    End If
  End If

OK thank you.