get menu on right click before index changes in listbox

hi all,
wondering if someone can help me with my issue i have.
i was to create a menu on the right click of a listbox row, but before it changes the listindex or i would prefer it not to change the list index at all.
but everytime i try to create a menu via constructcontectualmenu or another way it always changes the listboxs list index before it shows the menu.
the reasoning behind it is i want to keep the listindex the same as what it is and not change it but display a menu related to the right clicked row.
any help or inout would be great. cheers.

figured it out. don;t know how i missed it before. in the cellclick event

[code] dim popup as new MenuItem
dim selected as new MenuItem
if IsContextualClick then
popup.Append(new MenuItem(“Open in new Tab”))
if selected<>nil then

    //menu item selected

end if
return true

end if[/code]