Get Information why App doesn't start


I try to run a webapp in standalone on my ubuntu machine.

if I execute "var/www/vhosts/[PATH]/./VIA_18_demo --port=35001 " in the terminal, it works without errors.

But the app don’t start. And in the “top” command the app doesn’t appears.

How can I figure out where the start crashes?

var/www/vhosts/[PATH]/./VIA_18_demo --port=35001
Is there a little dot(.) after [PATH]/?

The dot is riquired for executing an app, isn’t it?

Anyway, also whithout the dot, the app isn’t starting.

I only think it’s required if you’re in that directory and want to execute the app.
So If you’d do ‘cd var/www/vhosts/[PATH]/’ then ‘./VIA_18_DEMO’ :slight_smile:

Yea, tried this as well. Doesn’t work…

Run ‘ldd /var/www/vhosts/[PATH]/./VIA_18_demo’ to look for missing dependencies
You don’t have a port coalition on that port?

Libraries are all installed. And theres no collision on this port. Also other ports does’nt work. Also server restart does nothing.

Just to make sure… you built Standalone for Linux right?

Are you successfully running any other apps on this same box?

Yes, I do. Thats why I asked, if there some methods to inspect why the doesn’t start. :confused:

There are two built-in checks that could kill an app.

  1. Identical App Identifier
  2. Identical Listening Port(s)

That said, you could also be running into some other Exception in your open event. Do you have code in the App.UnhandledExceptiin event to log those?