Get HTML content go a page loaded via HTML viewer control


I am using htmlviewer control to display any web page and it’s working fine.

I would like to get, then, the html page content of the page that It has been displayed. ( I would like to search some content from the HTML page displayed )

I could I do this?

Thanks for your help.

Mac? Win? Linux? iOS?
Desktop or web project?


I am on Mac running a desktop project.
I use the Xojo 2017 release 2.1

Thanks a lot for your help.


Well, first you can always try with HTTPSocket to download the current URL.
But that may not give the current html.

To query the live html from htmlviewer, you can use our MBS Plugins.
e.g. the HTMLViewer.HTMLTextMBS function would help here to query html.

Hello Christian,

Thanks a lot for your help. It seems a very sexy way of getting the HTML of a page displayed in the HTMLviewer control.

For the moment I have just used the javascript way to get the HTML content and it works rather well for my current need but I have bookmarked your page. What package should I download to get this feature? ( And what is its price… )

Thanks a lot.