Get folderitem for pdf dropped on desktop app icon

Still not finding anything current to get a reference to a file dropped on my built desktop app (Mac).

I have added the file type and am not able to get an item passed to the app’s OpenDocument event.

Many posts are very old, and referencing an older UI.

I’m “sure” I’ve done this before…

In the 2018 Xojo, I click on
MACOS in the project explorer
That exposes the bundle identifier, architecture, and Mac App Name
There is also a button for ‘File Types’
Clicking that button presents a list of the file types I have included.
You would need to Tick the PDF line, and select ‘Editor’ or ‘Viewer’ as the role.

In 2019 r3 they have moved the ‘role’ to a property on the file type itself in the file types editor

If you are using 2019r2 or later, go to the file type and in the macOS section, make sure you select a Role of Edit or View. You may also want to set the Rank of your app is not a primary user of PDF.

  • Default = my app should be suggested as an app to open this file type.
  • Alternate = my app should be suggested if no Default apps exist on the machine
  • None = my app should never be suggested

You should probably use a rank of None if you simply store them but do not show them for instance.

Thanks. I found this through trial and error, and it solved my problem.

All good now :grinning: