Get Device name using MBS DirectShow

Hello I am using MBS Direct show in my Win32 app, I can get

// Create an enumerator for the video capture devices
dim devenum as new DirectShowEnumMonikerMBS(DirectShowEnumMonikerMBS.CLSID_VideoInputDeviceCategory)
if devenum.Handle = 0 then
TextField4.Text = “No video capture device found.”
end if

How can I get a list of the names of devices attached?



Check /Win/DirectShow/List devices example.

Thanks Christian,

Works great. Thanks again.

I have another question, I mentioned it before, but here goes…

I have a Sony DCR-TRV 203 NTSC DigitalHandycam which I am using with Video 2 PC,,
there is a software that comes with Video 2 PC which, apparently is a “Digitizer”, and Video 2 PC works via a usb connection. I created an app using your DirectShow Plugin and it works great.

For Mac, the Digitized software supplied with Video 2 PC is VideoGlide Capture, when I use Video 2 PC with VideoGlide Capture there is a program named "Debut Video Capture Software’ via a USB connection which works fine.

Is there a way i can create a similar software (for Mac) like “Debut Video Capture Software”? Maybe you have a plugin for that.
I have already created a similar software using AVFoundation but that is via a FireWire connection, this app I am planning to create is for use with Video 2 PC and VideoGlide Capture via a USB connection.

Thanks again.