Get Data from one Web Page to another

I have a Toolbar with multiple Menu and Button actions that display other Dialoges or Containers. I have a file Download Dialog with a Container that has all the Web File Download needs to enable downloading a CSV file. I can get the file and parse all the data but have not been able to figure out how to populate a WebListBox in another Container. This Container has the WebListBox that has a contextual menu that enables the download capability.

The WebListBox in the original container is simply not available. At first I can type the name of the WebContainer.WebListBox inside the file download container and have appropriate AddRow and assignments. When I run the WebApp this throws an error

I have tried to assign a local variable of the destination Container and WebListBox and that has nothing inside it

I could assign this to a global parameter but then the question is how to make all this happen with out further user input.

If I could do something I use in a desktop ShowModal which is assign and wait on a return value of True to False and then perform needed work when the other Window closed either using Cancel (false) or True from the process

I am missing something and not sure what it is. If drag and drop worked like it does in desktop that would be awesome

Suggestions welcomed

The WebDialog has a dismissed event that runs before the dialog is closed, so has access to all the properties of the dialog. If you implement this in the calling page/container you can copy the property values out.

There is no visibility of calling container Properties in dismissed event of called dialog.

The steps to the dialog are:

[quote]Toolbar Menu selects Container - Container1
This displayed Container has a Contextual Menu in applied in the WebListBox. This enables you to select File_Upload Dialog
File_Upload Dialog opens and has a container that also has a Super of WebFileUploader
When ‘+’ of the WebFileUploader is selected the file is located and placed into a multi dimensional array
When selecting Return in the File_Upload Dialog Dismissed is an available Event. No visibility of Container1 Properties

I made the multi dimensional array a global to the entire application.

How are these containers created? At design time or embedded? If embedded you’ll need to keep a reference to the container somewhere to access it’s properties.

Consider putting the WebDialog.Dismissed event method in the calling WebContainer and referencing it via AddHandler. Everything in the calling WebContainer will be within scope and so will everything in the WebDialog.

Fred - that was it -thanks