Get Data from a web address

Hey there. I have a PHP file, connected to a MySQL database, at localhost. When the URL localhost/?link=me is accessed, it passes a SQL query and, in turn, receives the value 1 and echoes it on the page.
My question is the following:
How do I take that information, now sitting on localhost/?link=me, and have Xojo write it down in a text label?
Thanks for any help


You can use the URLConnection class using the content received event. Then parse and use the received response and then populate your label.

You also have several example projects for URLConnection within the Xojo IDE




Thanks for the help, Mike!
This method worked, and the demo project was a great help.

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That is great news! Could you please mark this as the correct answer so that this will be clear for future searches by other Xojo users?


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