Get Contacts On Windows

Anyone have a modern solution for getting contacts (addressbook)?

I have old code to get contacts from Outlook via an OLEObject however it’s problematic in that for some people it tries to launch Outlook on use and others do not use Outlook.

Windows 10 now seems to have a People app. Is this what most users use? Is there a way to access contacts in it?

Happy to use MBS Plugins.

Unfortunately contacts on Windows is a mess. I don’t know anyone that uses the People app that integrates with the new Mail app. Perhaps it is used by home users. I don’t even think there is a way to import your old Outlook contacts into the People app or sync them. I think Outlook is targeted for business use and People is for more home use. On top of that there are the office cloud tools that also have cloud based Contacts app. Very messy.

The issue is most people’s contacts are on their phones and neither Outlook or the People app integrate well with those. I use android phone and my contacts are google cloud so I end up having to duplicate my contacts in Outlook. It stinks.

Apple definitely has better integration here.

Sorry I couldn’t help but if you find a solution please post it.

Only thing I’m aware of in the business context, are customers using Office365 and then reading contacts via Microsoft Graph API. But not perfect either, as some customers will still have “local” contacts but at least it is modern ;-).