Anybody familiair with Genexus?

Their site makes it look promising and their offer to try it for free is intriguing. I may give it a try to see what it does for Android…

I get easily scared when a website doesn’t mention prices and uses the contact us approach instead. Yeah, website looks promising. For Android I found basic4android. Quite affordable and promising. It’s not Xojo, but remembers me the beginning of Xojo more than 10 years ago.

Mmm… I could only find a Windows installer. An incredible amount of libs/dll’s/exes gets installed. The IDE starts with a ‘knowledge base’ and demands server access. Unclear who’s server that is. It refuses to run anything without this. Confusing.

That is a lot nicer than Genexus. I have started installing it and will see if I can get somewhere :slight_smile: