Generic Object?

In the library in the IDE what is a Generic Object item? Isn’t this just a class?

Its super is “Object” and if you add one then you can change the super to be something else (button , timer etc)

Good for adding non control things like HTTPSocket.

But I don’t understand the difference between doing this or adding a class to the navigator and making it’s super a button, timer, httpsocket etc.

If I add a class and make its super a button or
I add a Generic Object and make its super a button

What is the difference with the end result?

I am sure that I worked with general object and private parts when I was in the Army.

Mike, they are talking about adding stuff to a window. For example, you have a window layout open in a tab and you want to add, say, a Timer. You can drag a generic object over, then change its super in the Inspector.

But it is the same with a class. I can drag a class over to a window and change it’s super. Am I missing something?

You mean, for example, you could drag a Button over to the window, then change its super to Timer?

No I could add a class or a generic object to the navigator, drag either to a window change either ones super to anything, I just don’t see the difference between Class and Generic Object

If the window is in its own tab, that’s not an option, unless I’m the one missing something.

Right. Generic Object is there so you can drag an item directly to a View, without having to create a subclass first.