Generate vector images

Great Job, Sam!

Two remarks though:
It looks like the code is not Retina-savvy. Any idea how to tweak that?

And, btw, no need for the #pragma target 32/64 clause. A UInteger maps to 4 and 8 bit length automatically just like an Integer does.

EDIT: I tried to define the rect multiplying r.truewindow.scalefactor to width and height but that did only create empty space above the image.

There’s a UInteger property in Xojo? I didn’t know.

I choose not to use an Integer, because an Integer range is different to a Uint range.

Oh… It’s not in the LR.

So does it really map to a Uint32 on 32-Bit and Uint64 on 64-Bit? If so that will make with declares so much easier, the changes doc makes it unclear if it’s for iOS only of other platforms too.

To be honest, nope. At this point it’s down to Apple on how they choose to render it to PDF.

All this code does is ask the API to generate a PDF or EPS from a given rectangle. You could try changing the scaling of the graphic class (and then adjusting the dimensions also).