General queries regarding Mac deployment

Dear Sir,

I came to know your software, while searching tools for Mac Desktop application development.

I am simply impressed on seeing the reviews in your site.

Currently we are developing high-end desktop applications for windows OS using VS2010. Since we are using both windows based and Mac based computers, we are helpless to use the same application (or resemblance) in Mac.

For that we need cross-platform development tools. I hope, yours is the best choice.

Could you please clarify some of my doubts, before going for full-fledge development for Mac desktop application.

  1. In all the desktop applications, Grid plays important role. We are working data-bound and unbound grid operation and high-end tasks like working on each cell with different format like textbox, combobox, masked textbox, etc. And also events or validations on each cell. Could you please explain in detail about grid in your software.

  2. Reporting is very essential in all the applications. Whether report is built-in in your IDE or we want to go for third party tools. Could you please explain it.

  3. What are the databases supported in your software. We are using SQL Server and in future we may move to MySQL. So, while working on Mac, is it possible to connect to these databases.

  4. Dose it support low-level or system programming for Mac.

  5. Is it possible to convert the desktop application to web application in your software.

  6. There are many more doubts, but I cant place all the things here. Since it is new environment, while developing we may come across so many doubts. In that case, how is your customer service.

  7. Whether the license is one time payment or we want to renew every year.

I would like to remind once again, all the questions above are based on Mac Desktop Application development. For windows we have lot of tools, but for Mac there is limited tools only.

Looking forward your detailed response.

With regards and thanks,

Thameem Ansari,
Project Manager - Software,
Alsatronix Solutions JLT,
United Arab Emirates.

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Let me try to answer your questions:

  1. The built-in listbox can do many things except show a lot of data. For this there are plugins available.

  2. There is a built in reporting system which allows simple reports. But since report needs vary so much there are quite a few solutions available. For instance I use a simple transformation from html to pdf with the built-in methods of the Mac OS for PDF via a plugin.

  3. You need an extra license for the databases. But of course all common databases are supported.

  4. Do you mean declares? If yes, there is a common solution available called macoslib. And you can always ask here.

  5. This is not an easy task. Besides the complete UI would need to be redone anyway.

  6. Customer service in general is good. Some of the employees of Xojo also hang out here.

  7. Both. You can renew the software but if you don’t want to renew you can keep using the older version.


Greetings from Germany.

The Xojo ListBox control can do some of what you describe by default. You can extend it to do more by subclassing it. And there are plenty of 3rd party ListBox controls that are also available. Xojo includes many ListBox examples (Examples/Desktop/Controls/ListBox). And there are two webinars on ListBox:

Good Guy ListBox
Using the ListBox

Xojo has built-in reporting, but it is rather simple. For more advanced reporting, there are several 3rd party products available:

Xojo has support for SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server (Windows-only). Plus you can use ODBC to connect to just about anything else as long as you have the appropriate driver.

You can directly access OS X API using Declare statements. You can also use C to create plugins that work with Xojo.

You cannot convert apps between desktop and web, but you can shared non-UI code between desktop and web apps.

The forums are a great place to start. As our the webinars ( And there is email support as well.

Licenses are for one year, but your license does not expire after a year. You can renew each year to continue to get updates.