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Hello, seeking some guidance from the experts here. I am building a web app that does customer maintenance and orders. I am creating a page for each function, e.g., customer maintenance, orders, invoices, reports, config, etc. Is creating a separate page for these functions with the same header (for the same UI/UX) a good approach or should i use one page with multiple containers, and the relevant containers are invoked by relevant menu options? Just want to understand the best way to do this. Building multiple pages is not an issue, but it increases the weight of the application, and I don’t know if this impacts performance. Please advise.
I appreciate any help you can provide.

I was using containers but have recently switched to using multiple webpages. With about 12 pages I don’t see any difference in performance. Also, With a small amount of code you can allow the user to use the browser back button.
I have about 15 Webapps and a couple desktop apps in use as internal company apps for service, sales, and rental.

Thanks, Gary. I am finding using multiple pages easier than containers, so I will continue that way. It’s interesting to know about the back button thing; I might give it a try.

There is a risk of loading too much data if you use the container method, if it is not managed well. Your program might load slower. Eg. multiple containers hide / display according to user activity. The multi page approach is safer and less error prone.


how do you manage multiple pages if you have a left sidebar ?
you must embed this sidebar on each page ?

My previous Web 1.0 app use left sidebar menu. I use containers ( hiding / displaying them ) according to user selection. This can be made better ( creating and embedding them / destroying their instances where necessary).

Almost all my latest Web 2.0 project use XOJO’s top web menu bar control and we use different pages to cater for different options.

I think the latter approach is much faster to load and manage.

Have you guys managed a responsive layout?

and yes, on the sidebar, I am using Grafittisuite from Anthony, and it works like a charm.

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makes sense, thanks for the input brother.