GDI Plus Should be On as default

I think GDI Plus should be on as default:

  1. GDI has been deprecated in the versions of Windows that Xojo supports.
  2. It would increase compatibility with Macintosh.


It would impact performance on programs that don’t need it.

It’s be nice to do a benchmark on an app with GDI+ enabled vs not enabled. Does it affect every part of the application or just drawing?

Makes no sense to turn it off now days. Program should always have access to it at least. There is no Windows that Xojo supports that does not have GDI plus by default. And the speed thing is like saying that we should have stuck to MacOS 9 draw line because it was faster than using quartz. It just make no sense in any context to not use it. GDI plus is designed to handle issues of modern times including scaling.

Create a new binary project, set the flag to on and save it as “Default Desktop Project” in your templates folder. It is now turned on by default.

You can override all the built in “Default projects” with your own named as follows and placed in the Templates directory
Default Desktop Project
Default Web Project
Default Console Project
Default iOS Project

They do have to be saved as binary though

See “Changing Default Projects” on

Its been in place since 2013r1 shipped (and may also be in 2012 r3 or 4)

Won’t implement.

While GDI is only sometimes hardware accelerated, GDI+ is never hardware accelerated. The performance difference is measurable in real-world, non-synthetic benchmarks and is something the IDE trips over.

In fact, the future for this property is deprecation and eventual removal. Instead of using either GDI or GDI+, everything will switch over to Direct2D and DirectWrite. They are modern graphics APIs that are hardware accelerated and provide a higher quality result.

Thank you for the clarification (Default Xyz Project).

The real drawback here is that… if you are current, you have to be carefull at each release and move your files from Previous version to Current version…

For an old (and forgotten) feature of the 2005-2012 IDE, there was a feature that allowed to get a shortcut (a menu item ?) that paste text in the Code Editor. At those times I was nearly always current and after one year or so, I forgot to move my default files in the Real Studio application folder and started to forgot about the feature (making my defaults comments manually)…