GDI+ and Direct2D


Is there a possibility for the Xojo team to add a toggle button to Xojo that causes projects made for GDI+ to become automatically compatible with Direct2D. So the developer needs not change his code.

I have no idea how to adapt my project for Xojo 2017 Windows platform.


As far as I know you don’t really need to change something if you don’t use declares…

But I have several problems like the reduced scale of printed documents. I also draw on canvas and it does not work anymore for Windows. If I don’t have to change anything, what must I do to solve these problems?

The printer scale thing is settled in the latest Xojo if I recall correctly. You’re not supposed to set the printer DPI anymore or something like that. Hopefully someone with a better idea about that issue on that might chime in.

Other than that you’ve basically given us “it’s broken, what do I do to fix it?” We can’t help you figure out what’s broken from what we know so far (except for printing).

Could you tell us more about this?

What are you trying to do?
What have you tried so far?
How did it fail, and how were you expecting it to behave?