Gate61 add-ons and Web 2.0 - gHTML, gNotify, gTooltip & gGauge


We are sorry to inform you that Gate61 Xojo add-ons for Xojo Web are not compatible with Xojo 2020r1+, Web 2.0 framework.

Our add-ons are relying on WebSDK, which is not supported in 2020r1.
Based on what we know about the new WebSDK (not documented yet), it would require a full rewrite of these products which we can’t afford.

Products concerned are:

  • gHTML Web, html editor
  • gTooltip, tooltips/helptags
  • gNotify, notifications
  • gGauge, donut or half gauges

We will still provide bug fixing, but there will be no more enhancements or other updates for these products.

That means that the latest supported Xojo release for our Web add-ons is 2019r3.2.

However, desktop add-ons (gHTML desktop, gGauge desktop) are unaffected and compatible with Xojo 2020r1.

We are evaluating the possibility to create new add-ons for Xojo Web 2.0 framework or to develop Web 2.0 versions for some existing ones.

The future Web 2.0 add-ons may have different pricing and support options.

All add-ons are still available here, you can also register to our newsletter to be informed about our products.



As a customer, I am sorry to hear that, but I understand.