Gant Chart info from MBS

Yes, I know Preactor. I worked with Preactor for three years. My software is a production schedule, but very simple, if compared to Preactor.

Two screenshots:

This version is in Filemaker, but i have another in Xojo, without a gantt, and now, I’m creating a more complete version in Qt.

The gantt showed in screenshot, is the Rgraph javascript library. Very customizable.

Hi @Adelar Duarte , thank you, very interesting ! I’ll give a look to Rgraph library and make some tests … I have to check speed performance … usually I deal with more than 1000 jobs (time blocks) per gantt … performance is a must , in loading/moving/zooming time blocks…

Daniel, take a look on X-Gantt component. Is the best i know, and there are versions to .net, java and activex.

unfortunately, is to expensive to me, and I don’t like the license method.

Thanks @Adelar Duarte … I’ll give a look … but I think your are right … it is expensive!!

if you need a low cost component that work like a Gantt you can try this
It has the basics features to work with a Gantt in Xojo, and the cost is very cheap.