Gant Chart info from MBS

@Adelar Duarte,

I did some research and found that ChartDirector by MBS does indeed support Gant Charts. Here is a link to the data page from MBS.

I also took the time to load the MBS Gant Chart example project and it works as expected. All I did was run it and took a screen shot so you will need to do some diligence on this for your own requirements. Using Chartdirector will dramatically decrease your time coding this type of functionatlity from scratch. It is certainly possible by subclassing a custom canvas and doing your work there, however it will take time to do it professionally.


Download Plugin:

Hi Mike,

I was tested about a year this plugin, but at the time, he did not meet my need. I need to the minute accuracy , not just days or hours … I need to be able to move the toolbars by dragging and show links between tasks.

I believe it may even be harder, but develop from scratch, I know what really happens at each stage. With the Christian plugin, spend a lot of time trying to understand what it does at each stage, how it is organized, etc.

I’ll take your example from another thread, and try to better understand the functioning of RBcomposer. Once I get to do something minimally decent, I post here to show the result …

First if you need something you don’t see there, please ask.

The chart above has days as steps because the data is that way.
You can have minutes or seconds if you like.

[quote=121755:@Christian Schmitz]First if you need something you don’t see there, please ask.

The chart above has days as steps because the data is that way.
You can have minutes or seconds if you like.[/quote]

Sorry Christian … I think at that time, I was not able to identify this capability, to show in hours and minutes … And how to show links between tasks, is it possible?

Not sure. Do you have an example on how this should look like?

You can always query coordinates for a data point and draw a line above if needed.

[quote=121940:@Christian Schmitz]Not sure. Do you have an example on how this should look like?

You can always query coordinates for a data point and draw a line above if needed.[/quote]

Hi Christian,

I need something like this:

Explaining …
In this image, clicking on a bar (task) with a combination of keys, all other options are gray, and the only colored is the clicked task, and their connections shown by arrows …

We still have cases where a task is divided into several … ie, we may have bars with more than one line of output for different locations of the graph. And the opposite … several lines coming from different places, entering a single bar.

To explain further, it would be the representation of several pieces joined at a final assembly task in a factory.

And this case:

Where the narrower black bars at the beginning of each colored bar represent times of preparation for the task, being a machine adjustments, cleaning, etc …

Do you consider it possible to implement these features in your gantt without having to profoundly change the structure, only extending existing classes?

I don’t think this is possible currently.
You can of course add those arrows with CDDrawAreaMBS class methods on top of the chart.

But I can forward the idea as a feature request.

Ok Christian… Thank you.

I’ll report about the feedback I get on this.

It’s simply not my own code, so I can’t just change it.

and I got an answer:

[quote]The coloring of the bars should be achievable by using a “multi-color gantt chart”. Basically, when the user clicks on a bar, your code can configure the colors so that the color of every bar are gray, except a certain number of bars which are cyan. Of course, your code would need to know which set of bars formed a “task”. See the “Multi-Color Gantt Chart” sample code for an example.

For the narrorer black bars representing the preparation time, you can create them using a separate bar layer with narrorer bars. See the “Multi-Layer Gantt Chart” sample code for an example.

The most tricky part is the arrows. ChartDirector does not have built-in features to automatically draw the arrows. In the past, we have a few customers that draw the arrows with their own code. The key steps are:

(a) Write some code that can draw arrows to join 2 bars. If you count carefully, it consists of at most 5 line segments plus a triangular arrow head. The line segments can be drawn using BaseChart.addLine. The triangular arrow head can be drawn using BaseChart.addText with the CDML text “<img=@RightTriangle,width=15,height=9>”.

(b) Once you can join two bars, you can use a loop to join any number of bar pairs. It is possible for one bar to lead to multiple bars, or multiple bars to lead to one bar. Just draw the join lines one by one.[/quote]

Hi Christian,

Thanks for your information… looks like have all I need, for start. I will need to go very, very beyond this… but, one step by time.

One more question: Do you know about the velocity ? If is ok to show about 500 bars on the chart ? And about license ? Can I use the plugin on my desktop Mac and on my MacBook with the same license ?

you can make speed tests before you order. I recently got animated chart with 30000 data points without problem. License can be purchased from us and works well on two computers.

Ok. I will test the plugin, and after that, send a message to you about the results… Thank you.

Hi Adelar & Christian! Are there any results on the gantt test (ChartDirector)? I’ll have to write the a new scheduling application (for OSX & WIN & Web) and I’m considering the opportunity to use Xojo with a plugin…

feel free to download our plugin and try examples.

LOL I thought this was going to be a thread requesting Gant Chart info from the Xojo company.

Hi @Daniel Campagnola,

I create a component with a javascript library, for now… And I’m developing another in Qt.
I need very specific features, minute precision, composite bars to setup time and working time, many visual states… So, I thought it best to create from scratch.

Hi @Adelar, thank you for your reply. Are you selling your component? Which IDE can use it? JavaScript and QT are cross platform …

Hi @Daniel Campagnola. The component is for a client closed product. I’m using the javascript component on a Filemaker product, but can be used with Xojo. The Qt component I’m still developing. It’s in “Alpha” stage. I stoped the development by a priority change.

Hi @Adelar Duarte , thank you for your reply. I think that I’m developing something similar to your project. I need to embed in a Xojo web project a component with an interactive gantt/scheduler chart (target: manufacturing forward/backward finite/infiinite scheduling … something similar to PREACTOR … I guess you know it!). I already have all the algorithms/code for this purpose, I’m just looking for a powerfull multi platform javascript interactive component … Do you know dhtmlxScheduler? Or do you suggest to use something else?