Game test

I’ve been using Xojo for a long time… but I never used it to make games or graphic intensive programs.

My son being 17 yo, he said; ‘Can I program a simple game with Xojo?’

So I did an experiment, I loaded a 1920x1080 picture in an offscreen buffer just to test the frame rate,
on a 2017 maxed-out iMac I get a frame rate of… 3.7 frames per second! (copy offscreen to a canvas of the same size).

In the old days, it was possible to reduce the color palette and set the system to 256 colors to get more speed, is this still possible?
Or am I approaching this the wrong way?


There was a FlappyBird clone built in Xojo which was quite playable. It’s referenced here:

Maybe @Paul_Lefebvre still has the example code? (project was in an old Xojo Blog post, I think written by Paul)

The Examples/Games folder has a few example games. Space Rocks (Asteroids) and Combat get reasonable frame rates.

I also did a multi-part blog series on making a simple space shooting game:

Not sure if I have the Xoppy Bird code. I’ll have to dig around.

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