Game Center Now Working in Yosemite

I have been working with the MBS GameKit plugins to develop an app that will use Apple’s Game Center for remote players. [Shameless promotion: I wrote some articles in xDev Mag and will give a talk on the subject at XDC in Austin.]
I got a turn-based game working on Mavericks some months ago but it would not work on Yosemite (error message said Game Center did not recognize the app). I recently made two changes so I can’t swear which fixed the problem but I think it was the latest Yosemite release (10.10.3) which did the trick. The other change was updating the MBS plugins to 15.0 (I think PPC code was removed from the GameKitMBS plugin).

So on to final cleanup and sandboxing to submit to MAS. Which raises the issue. I will set the minimum OS X as 10.8.3. I wonder if the MAS testers will allow me to test for 10.10.x and give an warning for less than x=3?

FYI, there was a DNS problem with Game Center in Yosemite where the sandbox server address was routed to the production server and giving the error you described. This error only affected testing on the sandbox server. There was a workaround that would trick Game Center to hook up to the correct sandbox server. The same game on the production servers will work just fine, so you don’t have to check for the version number of Yosemite. In other words, Game Center tried to take your game and run it on the production server when it was meant for the sandbox server and thus your game was not recognized. Spent quite a bit of time with a paid trouble ticket with Apple developer support working this one out. I have not had a chance to personally test to see if they fixed it in 10.10.3, but sounds like they did.