Game aventure in Xojo


I begin with a friend a game adventure textual in Xojo (in french and english)

It’s kickstart project,

If you can tweet the link or post message in facebook, thanks!

project link

Fun! I love adventure games like this. In the English text you mention you go back “to a time when France had Francs, minitel, super 5 and treets”. My knowledge of France is limited but besides the Franc, I have no idea what any of these things are!

My App IIe came with the adventure game Transylvania, all in AppleSoft Basic. After playing with it for a while I had to kill Dracula to be able to get anywhere…

That wondrous terminal one would get for free from the phone company back in the late 70s with the so fast 1200 bauds modem was used very widely until Internet killed it…

Back in the early 80s, I knew many people who used it as an affordable modem for their computer to access online networks such as Compuserve, or its French equivalent CalvaCom. Here comes another nostalgia series of posts :slight_smile:

… And Treets, if they used to be named like here in France too, was the European name for M&Ms. Twix used to be called Raider, and Mr. Proper cleaned as Meister (= Master) Proper to have an easy explanation for the not-so-well-known abbreviation …

We still have Monsieur Propre :wink:

Last question stays open: What’s Super 5? Just found a lottery in Malta under that name …

No idea :wink: Maybe Alyssa can tell us what she think this is …

Renault Super 5.

Actually had a 1982 Renault Le Car. It was a sardine can with go cart tires. Loved it :slight_smile:

here in Italy we have him: he’s called ‘Mastro Lindo’

yes, it is…

It’s me who created some adventure game remakes for OS X using Xojo (for example, the one mentioned above, Transylvania).

That is “Mr.Clean”

Great. Any way to have a look at it ?

Great. Thank you Jean-Paul.

Though I do like having to learn what these things are, If you want to adapt for the US I suggest: Walkmen, New Coke, legwarmers, jelly shoes, hypercolor shirts…I could (sadly) go on for quite a while!

Please - let’s all try to forget the 80’s in the US :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t think it was better here. The 80ies were the era of fashion globalization – we all had our striped leggings, mountain high shoulder pads in our jackets and an absurd musical taste!

@Alyssa Foley You forgot shoulder pads, neon everything, parachute pants, acid washed jeans and big hair! :slight_smile:

Sounds like we should create a new thread: “That’s how we looked in the 80ies (and thought it was cool)”. :smiley:

With pictures - Call it “The gallery of shame”