FYI: Mavericks and SMB shares

Just a note for you guys that are using Mavericks and try to connect to a win/linux server using the SMB protocol.
It does not work as Apple have implemented SMB2 on Mavericks.
The simplest way to connect is my using cifs://server instead of smb://server when connecting.

Just a little FYI :slight_smile:

I will have to do some reading on cifs. Not familiar. Do you happen to know if we can remote debug with Xojo using this cifs? I have been using smb

CIFS actually is SMB1.
By using cifs://server you are forcing mavericks to use SMB1 instead of SMB2.

Thanks for that info, Albin.

Can you clarify? I’ve been connecting since update to Mavericks with smb:// and it works fine. cifs:// works as well but I’m surprised that you’re seeing issues with it.

Huh? I have also been using smb:// to connect to Windows servers and it works just fine for me. There was one change, that fixed an issue that I was having before Mavericks. Of course, the fact that it fixed the problem broke my program, as the workaround that I used no longer works properly. But that was an easy enough fix.

I am also using smb with Maverick and it works fine.

This is the same issue I had.
If it works for you, that’s great :slight_smile:

Ah okay- good link to clarify. Thanks! :slight_smile: