Future WebListbox custom control wish list, the sequel

The previous thread of the same title got broken, it no longer stop on the last post. So I am starting a new one here.

I do not know if the possibility to enter HTML content in 2015R3 WebListBoxes cells is intended, but it seems quite faster than previous versions as well.

There seems to be differences in the timing of Open and Shown as well.

Very strange. I was using 2015R3 in my pic showing the HTML not working in the other thread. So I just tried 2015R3.1 with the same results where the html shows a plain text. Same results in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Very strange.

I tested that on Mac El Capitan 10.11.2. Could be different on other platforms.

At any rate, CellHTML() will work from 2013R1 and up.