Future episodes of "AMA with Geoff Perlman"

my opinion.

  • I guess you have to be a Redit expert to post a question (as I could not figure out how)
  • I found it annoying to have to continually scan thru all the postings to find when Geoff had responded to one, since the responses attach to the question, not a timeline order
  • perhaps it might be better to (if this occurs again) to create a special topic area right here in this forum to host it, that way at least the forum itself will help you find when new responses appear

Yeah but if it was here it wouldn’t reach the wider audience he is going for.

what wider audience? the people that did figure out how to ask questions are ALL members of this forum anyways…
and I find it very difficult to follow this as a “live presentation”

Quite a while ago - the guys ran a “Town Hall”, think it was on Google Hangouts and it was for the Xojo Pro guys.

That was a cool idea and went well (I thought!) - what happened to that concept? I thought it was good. They also had a couple of hangouts for no reason apart for saying hello - water cooler stuff if you will…

We thought we would try doing it on Reddit because their formatting is better for this type of thing. Next time we will likely do one on the Reddit AMA channel to get more views. Account setup is free and it’s easier to do an interview-type format there. Having said that, we can certainly do a Hangout, or something like that, again. I’ll look at setting something up around the next release!

with the difficulty in following the conversation, the inability to intuitively figure out what was involved in participating, I left… not to metion not much was brought up that hasn’t been hashed thru on this forum many times already… A good idea, but .

That whole Reddit thing of text based interaction Just seems so dated, ugly and cumbersome…

Oh… Wait a second…

Fyi… my question (which I have already put to Geoff, a few months ago) is

I think Geoff did a great job with the AMA. His answers were clear and insightful. Like I said over on Reddit, there aren’t too many CEOs of software companies that would take the time to do something like this. I hope it’s something that he does again.

There was one response in particular that really surprised me. I asked: “Is there a feature request in particular (maybe other than Android support) that you wish were implemented already?”

His reply: “Yes, I wish our database integration was better. We should have focused on that years ago but we are planning for it for a future release. I’m sure it will be an incremental process but it’s an area we could improve that would help the majority of users.”

I certainly didn’t see that coming. I’m excited to see what the Xojo team comes up with.

ahhh the database interface … :wink:
as 90% of xojo users are programing databases … yes this would be a winner !

Well, the database stuff has been talked about for years. I forget with XDC (Real World probably) where they showed off an ORM for SQLite.

With the new framework getting more fleshed out it does NOT surprise me that the venerable database classes will get some much needed love and improvement.

Database Integration would be a game changer. I wonder how it might work?

[quote=286806:@Bob Keeney]Well, the database stuff has been talked about for years. I forget with XDC (Real World probably) where they showed off an ORM for SQLite.

With the new framework getting more fleshed out it does NOT surprise me that the venerable database classes will get some much needed love and improvement.[/quote]

if there could be more database love so ORMs like ActiveRecord could be better, I would kill for that.

What we need a target replacement for the RecordSet which I propose to be a SQLiteMemoryTable.

Let’s Make Xojo More Business Centric
Let’s Make Xojo More Business Centric Part 2

Some of these things like a cursor you get with the Valentina engine. I have spent extensive time testing the Valentina db engine after my review of their Studio product (http://www.dev.1701software.com/blog/2016/3/12/the-curious-case-of-valentina).

Needless to say an object API, full client side or server side cursors, are all there. Binary links however takes the cake.

my thoughts, for what they are worth…

One of the main problems with ‘data aware’ tools that I’ve noticed over the years is that they are designed to work with data that is designed correctly in 3NF and where all the relationships are strictly defined. Working with other peoples databases, you find that that is rarely the case. Its quite normal for data to have really odd structures that mean you need to write code instead of having the tool do the lifting. This scenario is where they all seem to fall down.

Amongst other things, the tools should be clever enough to be able to work with field names rather that ordinals.
and it should recognise alias names for fields. if select cust_nam as [Customer Name] from aTable is used as the select, then it should be smart enough to know that i want the column header to say [Customer Name] and when i want to update the data, it should know to use cust_nam.

It should be easy, VERY easy, to add a combo box field to a grid or textbox. any update code should know to use the tag rather than the text for example.

The next big thing is data types. Database types should map to XOJO types with the same constraints.
If the field is a varchar(10) then it should make the entry a string of 10 and not allow more characters. I shouldnt have to wait for a database to complain and handle the exception

Ints should be the right size. tiny int is not integer for instance

There also needs to be proper numeric types that don’t loose data due to precision.

Currency is not an afterthought. it shouldn’t be impossible to work properly and accurately with monetary values.

Dates and datetimes are not an after thought. they should behave properly and always convert to iso in the background
if i add a parameter value to a statement and its a date, it should expect the default to be an iso date, i shouldn’t have to do fromdate.sqldatetime.tostring. unless i actually want to send the US or UK variant.

A tighter database integration would be nice but until they add lambdas for expression building it will be a pain. It needs to be as easy and as painless as in other languages:

dim myContacts() as DBContacts = mydb.Contacts.Where(x=> x.Age>20 AND x.Gender = 'Male').OrderBy(x=> x.Age).ThenOrderBy(x=> x.Name).GetResults()

Generating the classes from a DB or updating the DB using existing classes like EntityFramework or CodeFirst works in C# would be cool too.

Lambdas would be nice but are definitely NOT required
Heck EOF did this in the mid 1990’s before they moved it to java then deprecated everything