Funny iosTable Behavior

In the process of building an iOS App with a table I discovered something odd.

I had a ProgressWheel in the app for one task that did a location distance calculation on each item. I decided to move it and display it on top of the iosTable. The table has just over 200 entries but when the ProgressWheel was on top of the table it would not scroll in the simulator. Actually it would scroll a little that corresponded to how far you could drag it with the Trackpad without lifting your finger. When you let go with the Trackpad it returned to row 1 at the top.

When I was attempting to scroll the ProgressWheel was not visible.

I moved the ProgressWheel to another location not touching the iosTable and it worked normal again. I did NOT try this on an actual iPhone device.


Did you drag the ProgressWheel so that it was a child of the table, i.e. when you drag the ProgressWheel to be “on top” of the iOSTable, does a border appear around the iOSTable? I think this can cause issues. I use a ProgressWheel above my iOSTables to simulate drag-to-refresh behaviour but I place it outside/above the iOSTable and use constraints to move the table down when the ProgressWheel needs to be visible and then I move the table back up again when I hide the ProgressWheel.