Function Not Found Exception

Let me start by saying trying to work on the Pi without a remote debugger is all kinds of suck. With that said, I’m getting an unhandled exception error and I’m returning true which should let the app keep running. Instead, the app freezes with a msg box and I have to reboot the Pi to try again.

Has anyone else seen this issue? Any workarounds other than find the exception and eliminate it?

Have you tried writing the stack to disk?

What’s weird is that the stack doesn’t contain anything. Even though I have Include Function Names set all lines in the Stack are blank.

I eventually got the app working but it’s kind of mysterious and I’m wondering if there is some new bug introduced for the Pi in R3. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Now getting a “Function not found exception”. This program works fine on Mac OS X but fails on the Pi. Very weird stuff going on.

Anyone else seen stuff like this?

You don’t have any declares that are Mac-only but not wrapped in #if targetmac do you? That could certainly cause a crash.

Nope. This happening in a normal dialog with only Xojo code. I submitted it in Feedback.

I submitted a private Feedback report with an example project and it was verified. So something going on with a compiled Pi application.

To give a bit more detail I have a window with a listbox. Based on the selection I enable certain buttons and I can also double-click to edit a row. In this case the listbox change or double click does nothing as if it’s not coded. When I close the window it then throws the Function Not Found error.

To make this even more weird I have a nearly identical window that does work in the project. So not sure what the issues but I’m glad someone else was able to duplicate it.