Function Keys

I have seen/read all kinds of things in relation to using Function Keys in an Xojo app… The least of which is the OS (macOS or Windows) may have claimed some for system wide use… But there are some that are not (depending on the state of the [FN] key)

Various RealBasic/Xojo forum topics seem to indicate that the KEYDOWN event returns a code of 202 and above for a pressed F1-F9 key…and that that value may not be the same on non USA keyboards. However, I am seeing far different values as in F1=63236 [0xF704]

So… my question is… are all the past information still somewhat correct? has more recent versions of Xojo managed to create a consistent environment in regards to these keys?

I really only want to use ONE… [F2] , cmd-[F2] and Shift-[F2]
but I need to be able to know which is being pressed regardless of keyboard type or localizations

How about trying HotKeyMBS class in MBS Xojo Plugins?

Of course Christian… that was a rhetorical statement on your part I’m sure