Fun with Google

Google “Kem Tekinay”, then switch to Images. I’ll bet you’ll see some familiar faces, most of which are not me. :slight_smile:

That happens for everyone. This shows which webpages you look at because the Google knows who you are. How did you manage the CSI Miami link?

There are some very strange people showing for me, too.

Yeah, that was a weird one. But it’s funny how it’s a who’s who of the Xojo-verse. It’s like I don’t know anyone else. :slight_smile:

I’m glad I showed up in your Xojo-verse

Despite the fact that this is a fine example data protection was never important for Google, I really do wonder why Angela Merkel shows up if you google my name. That’s more than embarassing.

On the topic of having fun with Google, try searching the following phrases:

do a barrel roll
zerg rush

Dump Google…

I decided to dump Google some weeks ago. I have recently been using the “Duck and Go” search engine. It is supposed to be more private. It seems to almost be as good as Google but it does not have 100% of the features like the ability to target a specific site with “” but I like it.

[quote=185627:@Alwyn Bester]
do a barrel roll
zerg rush[/quote]

I tried DDG, but I find the results are simply not as good.

Yes it does very well. That is the only search I use for the forum.

Haha, I was there, about a page below the gimp mask.

Always interesting but certainly nothing to do with browsing history :slight_smile:

For the record, I am not Alyssa. Nor am I Dana. But I repeat myself…

I don’t see any denials about the gimp mask.

That’s not me, as far as you know.

what a motley looking bunch :stuck_out_tongue:

and why when you scroll does it switch to pictures of knives ?

“Tekinay” means “Dances With Knifes” in Turkish.*

  • Disclaimer: That may not be completely, or even partially, true.

Too late, you posted it to the internet. It’s therefore true.