Fugitive from W10 re control fonts

I am a long time Vb6 enthusiast trying to make the jump away from Windows 10 and onto Linux (raspberry pi) and trying Xojo.

How can I set the font on an individual control, such as a bevel button? I can’t see any setting in Inspector.

Also how can I display all available controls?

The Library palette (CTRL-L) displays the controls.

While you can change the font on a Bevel Button, you can’t on standard controls. For the Bevel Button, add it to your form (window) and then click the Gear icon at the top of the Inspector palette.

Thanks Tim! I did that, but now I cannot get back to where I was to try changing the font again. When I press the gear wheel I get choices of Icon size.

Q3: I am used to clicking on a control, which then enables me to enter supporting code to be triggered by the control (eg button). This does not seem to happen with Xojo…

Remember, that’s for Bevel Button, not for any other button type.
the ID selector allows you to set all of the other properties (position, size, icon, etc - we still don’t know why Font isn’t there) while the Gear selector exposes control groups and fonts (where they apply).

For this, when you double click on a control, you are allowed to add an event to the control. You’ll need to research what the various events provide, but Action is the callback that happens when you click a button.

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