FTRBScriptField: crash with a Cocoa NSRangeException ...

I have difficulties to track down a current issue and I am wondering if anybody has experienced something similar and might be able to direct me into the right direction to solve the problem:

I am using FTRBSCriptField of Formatted Text Control in order to display and edit XojoScripts. Sometimes I’m getting a hard crash after I have switched to another application on another screen and returned back. When I click back onto my XojoScript in the FTRBScriptField, then I’m getting a crash (See error message on screenshot below).

I don’t find anything related in the OSX System Log. I cannot reliably reproduce the crash and at the moment I do not even know how to narrow it down.

Any ideas?

This is the first time I’ve heard of this. Do you have a small example project that demonstrates the problem?

FWIW, nothing in the FTC code uses NSRange or NSMutableArray. It’s possible that it’s part of the TextInputCanvas plugin.

Thanks Bob, for the information. I have not yet found a way to reproduce it. I also thought it may come from TextInputCanvas. This will cost me some time …

(BTW: I accidentally clicked the Answered icon - how can one undo this?!)