FTPKit not working

I use FTPKit to FTP and FTPS files around in a few applications. The supplier has disappeared along with their web site. It is made up of classes with no plugin. While FTPKit works with RS2012.2.1 stop apps and XoJo, it doesn’t work with RS2012.2.1 Web Edition or with XoJo Web Edition.

I have begun my transition to MBS Curl libraries.

I wonder what happened to the dev?

The FTPKit web site www.bainsware.com is no longer available. I doubt the software would even run on today’s Xojo. Pity he didn’t release an unlocked code version that someone might have updated.

fear someone make profits on its work…

@David Cox - why not use the modern MBS CURL plugin ?

I do — my post at the top was from 2013 — five years ago!