FTP Suite - get remote file size

Does any forum member make use of the FTP Suite (Apogee)?
I am looking for a simple solution to retrieve the size of a single, particular file on a given ftp address.
Unfortunately, the Apogee support doesn’t answer since 10 (!!!) weeks.
Can anybody help me out ?

I also have the FTP suite but stopped using it because there are a lot bugs. The devs do not seem to fix those in years.
I now use the MBS plugins fro this - much better imo.

which of those mbs plugin do ftp?

Hi Christoph, hi Richard,

I basically aggree that Christian’s tools do a very good job - I use them, too. They have saved me a lot of work, and there is a solution for whatever problem you could be faced to. You’ll find his ftp library right here: http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/realbasic/plugin-curl.shtml

Nevertheless, I switched to FTP Suite for my current project because I had difficulties retrieving the amount of dent data during bigger uploads - maybe due to a strange server behavior an the rcipient site…

FTP Suite works pretty well for my needs - but it seems to lack of a “GetRemoteFileSize(name as String)” or whatever.

Currently, I use the MonkeyBread tool for exactly that purpose, and FTP Suite for the rest.

Anyhow, I’m not happy to use two different tools for the same job, and therefore, in that particular case, I would like to find a solution within FTP Suite. So - please don’t mind - your tipp: “forget about this tool, better use another one” doesn’t help.

There is too much code I had to re-write, and also there is at least one feature missing.

“dent data” should read “sent data”. Sorry for the mis-typing … :wink:


Look at the Progress_FTP in the FTPStatusClass. It has a byteCount as a passed parameter.

But, I am a little confused. In your first post you say you want to get the size of the “Remote file” but you also said you want to measure the “Sent Data” which implies you want to know how much you uploaded.

Hope this helps…

FTPSuite worked fine for me until I needed secure FTPS, so I moved to FTPKit. FTPKit works well but is not supported and the web site has gone away, but at least I have FTPS. I am very slowly moving from FTPKit to MBS CURL.

The main FTPSuite example taught me all I needed to know. The all-in-one calls (login, get/put, logout) were excellent.


it seems I have to provide some more detailed information. My current app has to perform the following steps:

  • upload a file to a given ftp address, file size is typically 50 MByte up to 1 GByte.
  • provide feedback; inform user about already sent and remaining data amount
  • rename uploaded file on the ftp server (file is supposed to be remotely processed by a hotfolder app after successful upload)

FTP Suite’s “Progress_FTP” works fine for user feedback about the already sent data - that’ correct. In fact, I make use of that event.
Unfortunately, this event seems to fire BEFORE really all reported data has been sent. You can’t rely on the BytesSent.

If it equals to the size of the upload file, it doesn’t really mean that the file has been completely uploaded.

Therefore, I also make use of a second event called “Successful_FTP”. In most cases, this works fine - it fires as soon as the file is processed completely.

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on this event, too. We happened to lear that under some mysterious circumstances, this event does not fire, even when the file is completely uploaded.

NOW you maybe understand my wish to have a reliable function which return the current file size of a remote file an a given ftp address.

But - to be honest - it takes me a lot of time to vindicate myself WHY I need specific information.
Meanwhile, I found a work-around which seems to work - but I’d like to avoid the usage of a secondary tool for a primary problem :slight_smile:

Just my 5 cents


I totally agree. These examples ensured a very good “start from scratch”

But unfortunately, some kind of simple “GetRemoteFileSize” is missing.
No method, no example.