FTC: Tables?

Has anyone managed to extend the FTC with table capabilities (as in MS Word or Apple Pages)?

Not as far as I know.

No, but I know it’s on everyone wish list (including ours). Unfortunately, we’ve not had a consulting project that’s needed tables (in order to help foot the development costs) or it probably would have been done already.

Pity, thanks for the feedback anyway!
Still a V2 user, I have wanted to upgrade to V3 for quite some time. The way V2 is built, table integration would not be that easy (at least for anything that exceeds embedding a picture of a table designed somewhere outside FTC) using the classes given. Has FTC V3’s structure changed in this regard?

No, the structure hasn’t changed all that much except we can no longer use the plain Canvas control. For true Cocoa support we had use the TextInputCanvas plugin which forced some text input changes. We’ve also rewritten the RTF Reader, added hyperlink support and other miscellaneous stuff. FWIW, it’s been pretty solid now that Cocoa is stable.

We might be doing a consulting project soon where we need absolute positioning of Pictures with flow around text. That work will eventually make it into the public release. Of course, no word on when that will happen.