FTC: Im lost..

I use FTC within Check Writer in both Mac and Windows. It works just fine. I did have to dig a bit into the code to get the exact result I wanted, but it would have worked out of the box.

FTC now works 64 bit. The latest version (available through File Share for people that have already purchased it) has a new 64 bit ready Text Input Canvas. You’ll have to strip out the RBScript classes (this those aren’t 64 bit yet) but otherwise it works.

It’s a big project that does a lot of things. The Demo app that comes with the distribution does most of the things people need. But, because many people were confused by all of the stuff going on we have a separate download for smaller example apps.

To be fair to Bob and the control, what I need , is what FTC shows, but rendered into a PDF file.
My needs were more complicated than just ‘rebranding’ the sample.

Ah. That’s a completely different issue.