From Reproducible to Verified, what is needed?

Feedback Case Number: 60161

What is needed for a case to change from Reproducible to Verified? I opened <> several months ago and I think it is an important bug to fix because it will cause problems to people that put controls over other controls (like a WebPopupMenu over a Rectangle).

Have you tried emailing tech support and indicating the case is important to you? I’ve seen this suggestion a few times recently from staff.

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I’d still want to know how a case goes from “reproducible” to “verified”.

Thank you Tim. I will do that.

There are several bugs that will easily show to Web 2.0 users, maybe they are not a “big deal” but as the expression says: “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression”

Thank you Paul.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: how can I get an Engineer to Verify a bug that stays in Reproducible for several months?

Do I use the link Tim posted?
Do I add a comment to the Feedback case?
Do I send a PM?

What is the best way to know that a particular case is not forgotten and someone will take a loot at it at some point?

I don’t want to bug someone if that will not help the case.

I can’t specifically answer that as there are lots of factors that go into scheduling Feedback cases. If there is a case that is impacting your ability to use Xojo then you can raise its awareness by:

  • Adding additional information to the Feedback case.
  • Contacting Customer Support ( about the case.
  • Bringing it to attention in the forum to see if others share your concern.
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