Friendly Reminder: WebStyles not working

just want to post this friendly reminder for WebStyles and that they still do not work properly:

Here is a partial workaround.

It applies the normal and hover text color attributes of a style set for the Link. However, if Pressed and Visited colors are set, all color disappears. I do not know why. Quickly tested other properties which seem OK. You can also change font, font size, backcolor, text shadow, backcolor, most everything…

It seems to work fine when run here, in the Link’s Open event. If for some reason it triggered an Undefined JavaScript error, move it to Shown.

Sub Open() dim js as string js = js + "var lien= document.getElementById('"+me.ControlID+"');" js = js + "var myClass= document.getElementById('"+me.ControlID+"').className;" js = js + "lien.getElementsByTagName('a')[0].className += myClass;" self.ExecuteJavaScript(js) End Sub